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Howlin' Wolf Whisk(e)y Bar

Since 2017, Howlin Wolf has been lowering the standards of Whisky Bars everywhere.


Nestled in an alley off Crown St, Wollongong, our dimly lit space is a haven to all wishing to escape the outside world, offering comforts and libations seven days a week. Be it one of our 350+ whiskies, a Pappy Van Winkle Old Fashioned, a tin of VIctoria's Best, a Fireball Booze n Juice, no matter what your tastes we’ve got you covered.


When was the last time you enjoyed a Yamazaki Mizanura Oak while listening to Van Halen on vinyl?

Please note we are an adults only bar, if you do have children and would like to come in please follow this link -

Howlin's Bistro is Now Open Seven Days


What People Say...

The used chewing gum underneath the bar was old and flavourless, took me 5 goes to find a refreshing peppermint gum.

                         - William Nguyen

This place is a dangerzone. "Let's just go for a drink or two and a burger" he says, Seven drinks, a few shots & a berocca later "Well this Monday night has gotten out of hand"

Not a lot of choice in the Gong to go and have a drink anywhere in the CBD on a Tuesday. This is an okay choice.

                            - Nick Graham                             (Google Review)

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